Two weeks with the iPad Pro​​​

I've used the iPad Pro for 2 weeks now. It is not a replacement for a laptop or desktop computer, but rather an adjunct. While it can, theoretically, serve to write articles while traveling, it is not easy to use it to edit, lengthy articles. What is needed is a keyboard. Typing on the iPad Pro is uncomfortable, and it requires the tablet to lie flat on the table. For typing, I use a small Bluetooth keyboard. But, this is an imperfect solution. One cannot easily position the cursor. I must raise my hands off the keyboard and touch the screen. Having to move the fingers from the "home" position slows down typing.

I use the tablet as a notebook to enter data. I take it everywhere, and I can jot down short notes with my HWR software, Nebo. The translation can then be ported to my laptop or desktop machine is a text file. The tablet can be used to illustrate my musings by including pictures or sketches to the note. It is excellent for this purpose and is becoming my constant companion for taking notes.

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