First Days with iPad Pro: Initial thoughts

This is my second day working with iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. First the good news. This is a work tool that I will always carry with me. It will become a part of my daily routine. I can read a story, analyze my stocks, or study a book everywhere and at all times. It is a trivial matter to make a note describing my feelings and thoughts about an article.

However, the bad news is that this is not a replacement for a computer. For entering several pages of text and writing is not as efficient or convenient as typing. But its inefficiency and slowness may be its most important advantage for handwriting. My feeling is that my first draft is of higher quality when I write it out with pen and paper than if I type it in directly my word processor. For brief notes, emails, and blogs it may be the perfect tool. Now that I have learned how to edit my writing from within this App, making corrections and modification of the text is more straightforward than doing it on a computer. Curiously, for articles of several pages, I am finding that using the tablet in conjunction with Apple's Pages is most efficient. When writing my first draft on the tablet, I rewrite and edit on the computer. The number of changes I have to incorporate for the final document is fewer when using this tactic,

Its small size and light weight make it a handy, versatile writing tool. It is one quarter the weight of my laptop, and its "footprint" is much smaller. The lack of a keyboard ensures the tablet can be placed close to me while I manipulate my microscope. It is perfect for keeping a daily diary. I just wish my writing would work directly with my word processor and spreadsheet Apps.

A draft of my blog as written on the iPad

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